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Dodecahedron spiral [VJK033]

Dodecahedron spiral

Dodecahedron tunnel [VJK032]

Dodecahedron tunnel

Beam 17r2 [VJK031]

Beam 17r2

andr mandala2e [VJK030]

andr mandala2e

3color E wave [VJK025]

3color E wave

Laser beam [VJK009]

Laser beam

Circle wave form [VJK007]

Circle wave form

Moire [VJK006]


Dot wavy line [VJK005]

Dot wavy line

Crystal wavy line [VJK004]

Crystal wavy line

Particle Form [VJK003]

Particle Form

Particle Space [VJK002]

Particle Space

Form Space [VJK001]

Form Space

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