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Icosahedron 3 types included [VJK027]

Icosahedron 3 types included

Circular LIne [VJK026]

Circular LIne

3color E wave [VJK025]

3color E wave

MagicRing [VJK024]


Hexagons [VJK023]


Hexagonal line 3 [VJK022]

Hexagonal line 3

Hexagonal line 2 [VJK021]

Hexagonal line 2

Hexagonal line1 [VJK020]

Hexagonal line1

Multiple squares [VJK019]

Multiple squares

Text contour multiple circle [VJK018]

Text contour multiple circle

Tetrahedron 3types included [VJK017]

Tetrahedron 3types included

Dashed contour multiple circle [VJK016]

Dashed contour multiple circle

Dodecahedron 3types included [VJK015]

Dodecahedron 3types included

Spiral screw dots [VJK014]

Spiral screw dots

5 Helixes dots [VJK013]

5 Helixes dots

Helix dots [VJK012]

Helix dots

Moire02 [VJK011]


circular motion [VJK010]

circular motion

Laser beam [VJK009]

Laser beam

Light trails [VJK008]

Light trails

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